Three militants killed, one captured in Afghanistan

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Wednesday November 1, 2006

Kabul- Afghan and US-led coalition forces on Wednesday killed three militants and captured another during a raid in south-eastern Afghanistan, the coalition said. The raid near the town of Taranli in Khost province was on a compound that intelligence indicated was being used as a refuge for facilitators for a terrorist network, the coalition said in a statement.

The Afghan-coalition troops asked for the surrender of those inside but were attacked, resulting in the three militants' deaths, the coalition said.

No Afghan or coalition soldiers were injured and none of the several women and children present in the compound were harmed during the operation, it added.

Khost is one of the most violent Afghan provinces. It borders Pakistan, and Afghan government and provincial authorities have regularly blamed Pakistan for not controlling its border and allowing terrorists to infiltrate Afghanistan.

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