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Transsexual prepares lawsuit against Thai army

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Wednesday November 1, 2006

Bangkok- A Thai transsexual man is preparing to file a lawsuit against the army for rejecting him for conscription on the grounds of his "mental disorder," news reports said Thursday. Samart Meehcharoen, 22, said that the army's rejection statement, issued two years ago, had deprived him of career opportunities, as a private firm had recently turned down his job application citing his "mental disorder," the Bangkok Post reported.

"I cannot accept it, because I don't have a mental problem. I'm a normal guy who feels like a woman," said Samart, who wears his hair long and has undergone breast-enhancement surgery, though he has stopped short of a sex change.

If the Administrative Court accepts Samart's case, it will set a legal precedent in Thailand, which still practices conscription to fill its armed forces.

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