Tudjman gets his square in Zagreb

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Friday December 22, 2006

Zagreb- Croatia's late president Franjo Tudjman had a
square named after him in Zagreb on Friday, but his family and party
immediately complained that the square was not big enough.
The Tudjman Square is actually yet to be built, according to a
plan already drawn, on a previously unnamed meadow in downtown
Zagreb. The decision was passed in the city council by Tudjman's
fiercest opponents, the Social Democratic Party.

Neither Tudjman's family, nor the party he formed, the ruling
Croatian Democratic Union, was happy with the location, saying it was

They had wanted either one of the squares now named after long-
dead Yugoslav and US presidents, Tito and F.D. Roosevelt to be
renamed for him.

A former Yugoslav army general who turned to nationalism, Tudjman
led Croatia to independence through the 1991-1995 war with his former
military. He has been dubbed the "father of the nation."

Elected in 1990, he was Croatia's president until his death in
1999. The UN war crimes tribunal had investigated his role in
atrocities committed against civilians in the conflict, but his death
ended all proceedings.

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