U.S. soldiers lead Iraq children in obscene chant

Published: Thursday December 14, 2006
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[Note: Teambio.org first brought this video to our attention.]

American troops lead a group of Iraqi children in a profane chant, as seen in a video viewed by RAW STORY.

In the brief, undated video at the site liveleak.com, a U.S. soldier appears atop a military vehicle as another mills about, directing the children to shout, "F*ck Iraq." The youngsters, though smiling, do not seem to understand what it is they are saying.

The soldiers have a laugh, presumably at the childrens' expense, with one at the end heard saying with a chuckle, "Oh God, that was so wrong."

Morbid humor has long been a tradition among soldiers in combat zones, and the Iraq war has been no exception. Recently a video of an American G.I. taunting an Iraqi boy with a bottle of water made the rounds of the Internet, reportedly leading to a Pentagon investigation.

Warning: The link contains profanity.