Bolton tells UN: Time to address Iran, Syria over Hezbollah

Published: Tuesday August 22, 2006

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US ambassador to the UN John Bolton told a monthly meeting of the UN today that alleged involvement of Iran and Syria in arming Hezbollah must be addressed, RAW STORY has learned.

The current conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, Bolton said, "Requires us to address the backing of Hezbollah by Damascus and Tehran."

He added: "Their continued support to Hezbollah in the form of financing, training and supply of armaments does not just perpetuate this crisis -- it sustains it."

The US has repeatedly indicated that it believes Iranian weapons are reaching Hezbollah through Syria.

He also addressed Iran's rejection of a UN deal that would have required it to cease nuclear fuel activity. Instead, Iran offered a plan in response to UN demands, led by the Security Council's five permanent members and Germany.

"We will obviously study the Iranian response carefully," the Ambassador told diplomats. "But we are also prepared if it does not meet the terms set by the Perm[anent] five foreign ministers to proceed here in the Security Council, as the ministers have agreed, with economic sanctions.

"$If, on the other hand," Bolton continued, "the Iranians have chosen the path of cooperation, as we've said repeatedly, then a different relationship with the United States and the rest of the world is now possible."