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US TV journalists lament reduced coverage of Iraq war

Published: Monday June 5, 2006

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"News of the bombing that felled a CBS news crew washed over Baghdad's tight-knit media corps like a tempest this week evoking waves of anxiety, sadness, resolve and more than a little dismay," the LA Times reported Saturday. Excerpts follow:


American television journalists covering Iraq confronted the difficult irony that it took the deaths of a cameraman and soundman and critical injuries to correspondent Kimberly Dozier to help push the story of Iraq back to the forefront of the nightly news back home.

The amount of time devoted to Iraq on the three television networks' weeknight newscasts has dropped by nearly 60 percent from 2003 to the first four months of 2006, according to the independent Tyndall Report tracking service.

Even before Monday's attack in a relatively placid section of Baghdad, some network television correspondents had reached the unsettling conclusion that, even as they were risking their lives in the war zone, audiences and producers in America had grown weary of much of the coverage from Iraq.