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US army kills two insurgents, frees 3 hostages

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dpa German Press Agency
Published: Friday December 1, 2006

Baghdad- US forces killed two insurgents and detained 27 in multiple raids Friday, the US military command said in Baghdad. During the raid in the Taji area, US forces killed one insurgent and wounded a woman who was being used as a human shield, and detained 17. In Yusufiyah, US forces killed the second insurgent and seized and destroyed a cache of weapons.

US forces also detained nine insurgents in a raid in Baghdad and seized a cache of weapons. Four more were detained in two other raids in Tarmiya area.

US forces rescued three hostages who were found handcuffed in a fake checkpoint Wednesday, while a fourth hostage was found shot dead nearby.

The checkpoint was controlled by six insurgents dressed in police uniforms and one of them had a fake Interior Ministry ID. The six were detained, the US military command said.

The developments follow those of Thursday, when US forces with air support killed 14 insurgents and wounded two after insurgents attacked a convoy near Samarra.

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