Video: Bloody uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico

Mike Sheehan
Published: Tuesday October 31, 2006

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This video shows the October 29, 2006 clash between Mexican federal police and protesters in Oaxaca, Mexico. The person who took the video is unknown.

The five-month long protest against what the protesters assert is the unjust and illegal rule of state governor Ulises Ruiz came to a violent end on Monday as police, backed by tanks and helicopters, moved in to crush the rebellion. President Vicente Fox had previously promised to return order to the region by force, if necessary.

However, protests and violence continued on Tuesday, as demonstrators vowed to continue the fight until the governor steps down.

In the video, demonstrators speak out and carry signs directed to the gathering riot police. One handpainted sign says "We are brothers..." A woman can be seen attempting to reach out to standing riot police, crying out "No puedes massacre a su jente!" ("You can't massacre your people!") and other pleas. She places a flower in the armor of one smiling policeman as bystanders applaud, but another officer behind him removes the flower and tramples on it. Protesters can also be heard shouting "Ulises has fallen!" and various other slogans while armed riot police bear down, beating their batons against their shields as they march, eventually dispersing the protesters with tear gas as tanks fire water cannons and choppers fly overhead.

Near the end of the video, as night has fallen, protesters gather around the body of a man who apparently died in the showdown; they shout, "Ulises has killed him!"

Last Friday, as first reported at Narco News and IndyMedia and posted at RAW STORY, American indepenedent filmmaker and writer Brad Will was shot and killed in Oaxaca by alleged government paramilitaries as he filmed the protests.

WARNING: This video contains graphic scenes of violence and injuries.