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Video: Daily Show reveals 'Opus Gay' network shielded Foley

David Edwards
Published: Wednesday October 11, 2006

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The media has endlessly pondered the responsibility for Foley's improper messages to Congressional pages even after officials were notified of the problem. Some say that House Republican leaders ignored the issue for political reasons. Some conservative Christian groups say that Republican leadership feared being labeled as "gay bashers." The Drudge Report and a few right-wing blogs allege that it was all a joke by prankster pages. Democrats are blamed for leaking the scandalous messages in hopes of a payoff at the polls.

The Daily Show's investigative team digs deep to find the truth behind Congress' heterosexual veneer. Jon Stewart maps out a conspiracy by "a network of gay staffers." This "velvet mafia" is positioned within every level of government where it can protect gay page predators like former Congressman Mark Foley.

Watch the Daily Show's fake news report for the complete diabolical details.