Video: Iraq death squads use hospitals for torture, executions

David Edwards
Published: Thursday October 5, 2006

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A U.S. intelligence report finds that sectarian death squads have taken control of hospitals and morgues in Iraq, reports Lara Logan of CBS News.

Secret documentation by the U.S. military shows that sectarian militias use hospitals for command and control centers. The militias often kill Sunni patients, some "dragged from their beds." Ambulances are used to transport hostages and weapons and to escape from coalition troops.

Lara Logan interviewed one hospital worker, who said, "A man was bringing his murdered brother to the morgue. They asked him if he knew who the killers were and he said 'yes.' They shot him right there." The hospital worker says that spies are everywhere. Militia member have replaced more than eighty percent of the original staff where she works.

Sunnis are too terrified to retrieve the bodies of their relatives from the morgues. As the violence worsens, more nameless bodies fill anonymous graves in Iraq.