Video: Letterman, O'Reilly grapple over 'failed policy' in Iraq

Mike Sheehan
Published: Friday October 27, 2006

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Bill O'Reilly, host of FOX News' The O'Reilly Factor, has made his second raucous appearance on CBS's The Late Show with David Letterman.

In the appearance, which was taped earlier in the week but broadcast Friday evening, O'Reilly and host David Letterman continued the stick-and-move sarcastic jabbing that marked their first encounter.

At one point, Letterman called O'Reilly a "bonehead" to the audience's delight, before asserting that the reason why Americans are depressed has mostly to do with the "failed policy" of the war in Iraq.

An excerpt from the transcript of Friday's show, which can be found in full here, follows after the video excerpt. (Crooks and Liars has the full video at their site.)


Letterman: Let's talk about the, everyone's all excited about the, the mid-season's election. How do you see that going down?

O'Reilly: Well, I think that the Democrats will win uh and improve their situation. Um, the Senate I don't think they'll take, the House could go either way. It's gonna be close.

Letterman: And uh, the reason for this, now more than ever, is what?

O'Reilly: People are angry about Iraq. And they feel we need a change. And whenever you have a situation where Americans are - I used the word on the Factor tonight, I used the word "depressed." People don't want to watch the news, don't want to hear about Iraq, don't want to hear about Iran, about the nutty North Korean guy. They wanna watch Bowling for Dollars, Dialing for uh the Dancing with the Stars... are you gonna be on that?

Letterman: I'm sorry?

O'Reilly: Are you gonna be on the Dancing with the Stars thing?

Letterman: You bonehead.

O'Reilly: I saw it, I saw it. I teed you right up for that.

Letterman: I mean, it's just, it's just more a choice of what to watch on television.

O'Reilly: I think people are depressed.

Letterman: People are depressed. And rightly so because we have a failed policy and Americans, God bless them, are over there, volunteering to have joined the Army, are over there and giving their lives nearly to the number of 3,000 Americans so far, so yes... people are depressed, but it's not because they want to watch Dancing with the Stars.