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Video: Lieberman campaign manager on Website 'attack'

David Edwards
Published: Tuesday August 8, 2006

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Campaign Manager, Sean Smith, is angry about Lieberman's website being hacked on the day of primary elections. Chris Matthews interviews Smith via telephone.

(Matthews' interview with Lamont can be seen at this link)

A partial transcript follows.

MATTHEWS: Sean, what do you believe the Lamont people did to you to disrupt your campaign today?

SMITH: Well, somebody has embarked on a coordinated attack on our website and our email system. They are denying voters in Connecticut a chance to communicate with our campaign and denying us a chance to communicate with voters of Connecticut. This is going to have a suppressive impact on voter turnout and the Lamont campaign, and Ned Lamont specifically, should categorically denounce these kind of dirty tricks and he should order his supporters - or whoever is behind this - to cease and desist immediately.

MATTHEWS: Technically, how do you know your system was hacked into?

SMITH: We know that it has been under a barrage of hits over the last 24 hours. They've put up this message on the website that says, we have, somehow, not paid our bills. They've denied any and all ability for us to communicate internally and to the public.

MATTHEWS: But can you say, categorically, that this was sabotage? Categorically?

SMITH: We can say that we've paid all of our bills and there is no internal glitches in our campaign. And, look, this is what we talked about earlier...

MATTHEWS: No, really, this is the point of this: Do you believe that this was an offensive action by your opponents? Can you say that, categorically, you are the victim of sabotage?

SMITH: We can say that... I don't know if it was our opponent's campaign but the supporters of our opponent and the people who have been attacking Joe Lieberman for two years on the internet are the type of... [call interrupted]

MATTHEWS: Ok, Sean, let me ask you again. You have a system that's shut down. You say that someone has put up on the website that you haven't paid your bills yet and you're saying it was sabotage by some supporter of your opponent, Ned Lamont. Is that correct?

SMITH: We've asked law enforcement to get to the bottom of this... We don't know whose behind it but we know that our opponent could get our in front of the voters of Connecticut right now and ask whoever it is, whether it's his supporters or not, to denounce this kind of politics and to cease and desist and let every voter in Connecticut have the right vote.