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Video: O'Reilly spars with potential '08 candidate Wesley Clark

Published: Wednesday October 25, 2006

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Bill O'Reilly hosted potential 2008 presidential candidate Wesley Clark on The O'Reilly Factor Tuesday evening.

Repeatedly raising his voice and talking over the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, O'Reilly dismissed Clark's contention that talking with America's adversaries, especially Iran, was preferential to military action.

"Iran wants to cause trouble for the USA, it wants to weaken us, it's part of the worldwide jihad, it wants to kill every Jew on the planet... I don't have any confidence that they're going to do anything," said O'Reilly, who continued, "I'm not opposed to chatting, I just don't know if it's going to do any good." Clark responded firmly, "I call it diplomacy, not chatting."

O'Reilly and Clark also got into a exchange about the role of George Soros in the election; Clark is allied with Soros, while O'Reilly called him a "far-left bomb thrower" and "a bad guy."