White House: Bush declines to back Republican in CT

Published: Monday August 14, 2006

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The White House today refused to announce support the Republican challenger to Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), RAW STORY has learned.

When asked whether or not President Bush supports Alan Schlesinger in his bid to oust Lieberman, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow answered only that "the president supports the democratic process in the state of Connecticut, and wishes them a successful election in November."

"Wait, wait, wait," a reporter persisted. "I realize he supports democracy, but I'm wondering. Does he actually support his own party's candidate?"

During a combative back and forth that sometimes had the two talking over one another, Snow indicated that he didn't know for sure whether the president supports Lieberman or his Republican rival, but that "there are a whole host of reasons," that Bush may not want to back Schlesinger.

"I think you know the situation in Connecticut," Snow concluded.

Connecticut is currently seen as unlikely to elect a Republican Senator. Schlesinger is seen trailing behind Lieberman, who is running as an Independent Democrat, and Democratic nominee Ned Lamont.