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White House attempts to confirm Bolton before Dems take power

Published: Thursday November 9, 2006

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White House press secretary Tony Snow today announced that Republicans will push for confirmation of UN Ambassador John Bolton before Democrats take power, RAW STORY has learned.

CNN is reporting that Bolton's nomination has been re-submitted to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "in an effort to get it considered during the lame duck session," according to a Congressional source.

At this afternoon's press conference, Snow announced that during a breakfast this morning, Republican leaders had discussed plans to push Bolton through before Democrats take over.

"We think it's important that he stay there," Snow announced.

Snow called Bolton "a very accomplished and capable U.N. ambassador."

"We'll find out if we can get him confirmed," Snow said. "We know what the vote tallies are."

Bolton was appointed without confirmation during a Senate recess, after he failed to win approval by a Republican-controlled Senate. How his prospects look with fewer Republicans facing re-election in the near future is uncertain.

Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE), ranking Democrat on the Foreign Relations committee, told the AP today that he sees "no point in considering Mr. Bolton's nomination again in the Foreign Relations Committee because regardless of what happens there, he is unlikely to be considered by the full Senate." Biden had earlier stated that under a Democratic Senate, the nomination was "going nowhere."

"The President should immediately rethink this nomination," suggested Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) in a statement released to RAW STORY. "But if he doesn’t, I intend to make every effort to ensure that this nomination doesn’t get approved.”