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White dots caught by security camera led to discovery of corpses

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Thursday November 2, 2006

Taipei- A Taiwan cemetery caretaker claims he can prove that ghosts exist, because white dots caught by the cemetery's security camera led to the discovery of 18 unclaimed corpses, a newspaper said Friday. According to the Liberty Times, the No 1 Cemetery in Changhua County, west Taiwan, installed a security camera in June 2005. On September 9 and October 11, it caught several white dots jumping through the night but vanished at dawn.

When cemetery caretaker Lin Wen-yu saw the white dots, he thought someone had broken into the cemetery, so he ran out to check but found no one.

On Wednesday, the security camera caught the white dots again. It so happened that on that day, digging work for a construction project dug up an unclaimed corpse buried 1.5 metres underground. In the following two days, a total of 18 unclaimed and previously unknown corpses had been dug up.

Lin believed the dead people were trying to tell him, through their ghosts, that they wanted a proper burial, Wang said.

So Wang had the corpses cremated, put the ashes in 18 jars and placed the jars in the cemetery's pagoda, which holds dead people's ashes.

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