With retirement four days away, DeLay moves out his papers

Published: Monday June 5, 2006

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With his retirement now just four days away, DeLay’s aides are in the final phase of packing up boxes of files, documents and paperwork from a Congressional career that lasted 21 years — papers that likely end up at a Texas academic institution, according to the congressman's staff, ROLL CALL reports Monday. Excerpts:


Aides said the former Majority Leader’s legal team has fully cooperated to date with all investigators’ requests for document production, both state prosecutors, who are trying him on campaign finance charges, and federal prosecutors, who are probing Jack Abramoff’s ties to DeLay, his aides and other Members.

“Anything that’s been asked for has been produced,” Michael Connolly, DeLay’s spokesman, said.

Despite the prospect of future document requests from the Justice Department or other investigators, DeLay’s staff said that, for now, the final step is to decide where to permanently house all of his files and papers.