At least 2 wounded in shooting at CNN Center complex
Published: Tuesday April 3, 2007
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At least two people have been wounded in a shooting that took place near the CNN Center complex in Atlanta, Georgia, the cable news channel is reporting.

"A witness who is a CNN employee saw a male shoot a black female twice at the Omni hotel, which is part of CNN Center," the cable channel reports.

The newsroom for was evacuated after the incident, which was believed to have been the result of an argument that the couple had been having. The woman was reportedly shot in the face, and paramedics were seen transporting at least one wounded person from the scene.

The suspected shooter, who may also have been injured, has been taken into custody by the authorities, CNN reports. Video showed a man who may be the suspect lying on the floor with his hand in the air. subsequently allowed employees to return to the newsroom.

Excerpts from CNN article:


Charles Williams, who works in technology services for Turner, saw a man dragging a woman by the hair one level above where the shooting occurred. The man told him to get out of the way. Williams went to get a guard, and then saw the man apparently take the woman downstairs. He heard gunshots less than a minute later. writer Brad Lendon said he heard a loud bang, and then saw a woman on the ground next to a potted plant near a back entrance to the newsroom. A man stood over her "and fired at least two shots into her," he said.

After the shots, Lendon said, the gunman "looked around, his head turning in my direction. I don't know if he saw me, but at that moment the gravity of what I'd witnessed hit me. I turned away and tried to find the safest way I could out of the newsroom."