YouTube video: 'Bill Kristol: Pundit. Chickenhawk. Nose-picker.'
Muriel Kane
Published: Thursday August 2, 2007

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A video posted on Thursday at the popular YouTube site contrasts clips of Neoconservative pundit Bill Kristol describing the Democratic Party as "paying court" to Daily Kos and pontificating on Iraq with footage of him picking his nose at a recent national security convention.

Kristol's op-ed last month on "Why Bush Will Be a Winner" was widely mocked. However, President Bush made it recommended reading for his entire staff.

"Bill Kristol. 'Respectable' Right-Wing Pundit. Does He Know What He's Talking About? Or Is He Just Picking His Nose?" asks the video.

Kristol is often featured on Fox News Channel, whose number one star, Bill O'Reilly, has recently been attacking Daily Kos as a hate site, prior to the community blog's annual convention. It is unknown whether or not the video was posted at YouTube in retaliation for the attacks.