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Blogger files FEC complaint about Thompson
Jason Rhyne
Published: Tuesday August 21, 2007

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A blogger has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission which alleges former Senator Fred Thompson is "ignoring the letter and spirit" of election laws, The Washington Post reports today in a story by Michael D. Shear.

Former Democratic staffer and blogger Lane Hudson, who last year posted e-mails that led to Republican congressman Mark Foley's resignation, makes the case that Thompson is "running a full-blown campaign and should be held to the same regulations as the other candidates," the Post reports.

Writing on his blog, Hudson wrote that "[Thompson] has been presenting himself as a candidate for President, he has been raising large sums of money beyond what would be required to explore a possible candidacy."

"We're following the law," Thompson spokesman Jim Mills told the Post.

Bob Biersack, a spokesman for the FEC, acknowledged the agency has received the complaint, which by law requires a response from Thompson within 15 days. By then however, the Post points out, the would-be candidate may already officially be in the race.

Read the full story in The Washington Post here