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Bolton tell-all likely to slam State Department, UN
Michael Roston
Published: Wednesday February 21, 2007
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By the end of the year, former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton plans to publish a "tell all" book on his experience in the Bush administration, according to an item in today's Washington Post. The finished product is likely to put the State Department, up for major criticism.

Al Kamen, in his "In the Loop" column, says that the controversial Bush appointee who stepped down from his ambassadorial post at the start of the year because he failed to win confirmation from the Senate, does not yet have a publisher selected. But by the end of the year, he plans to write a book detailing his experiences in the State Department as Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security, and later as US Ambassador to the UN.

Kamen did not say whether Bolton would tell more of the back story of his role in blocking the recount of the vote in Florida during the 2000 Election.

Kamen suggests that the book will likely focus on Bolton's days at the United Nations. He adds that is is not clear "how Bolton will treat his most recent bosses, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice." The columnist notes that Bolton may be more critical of Rice, based on the recent North Korea agreement, which the former ambassador publicly criticized. And, he adds, "There are others at State sure to come in for their share of abuse."

The full In the Loop item can be read at the Post's website.