Bush admin to ask Congress for more 'surge' money
Published: Monday March 5, 2007
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The Bush administration is set to ask Congress for more money to fund the controversial troop surge plan. The money would be used to pay for support personnel, reports the Associated Press.

The report says that the request will be "embarrassing" to the White House, which along with the Pentagon "earlier dismissed criticism from lawmakers that the original $5.6 billion estimate for the troop buildup was too low."

"The latest request could come as early as Tuesday, modifying last month's $93.4 billion request for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan through Sept. 30," writes the AP.

Excerpts from the article follow:


The modified request was being finalized Monday, said administration and congressional aides. In addition to the money for increased troop strength, the White House will press for more dollars to battle the Taliban's resurgence in Afghanistan and get mine-resistant vehicles.

The request probably will come to about $2 billion. It will be accompanied by equal-sized reductions to elsewhere in the larger request, which contained money for two next-generation Joint Strike Fighters and a V-22 tilt rotor aircraft.

At the same time, lawmakers have signaled they will provide an additional $3 billion to put in place the latest round of military base closings. The military base money _ cut from the president's budget when Democrats pushed through a huge spending bill last month _ has the strong support of the administration.