CBS: Bush created 'safe haven' for terrorism with Iraq invasion
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Thursday May 24, 2007
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Thursday morning CBS News's Early Show criticized President Bush's latest justification for the Iraq War as being the first line of defense against al Qaeda, by citing an upcoming Senate Intelligence Committee report which states that the administration was warned before the invasion that a US presence in Iraq would actually increase terrorist influence.

Analyst Paul Kurtz expanded on this criticism, saying, "Prior to our invasion of Iraq...Iraq was not a fertile ground for terrorist activity," but that now "we have a safe haven in Iraq for terrorists." The administration, says Kurtz, is trying to have it both ways.

When asked directly, "Is the United States winning the war on terror?" Kurtz immediately responded, "without a doubt no" and added that "our continued engagement in Iraq is spawning more terrorist activity."

The following video is from CBS's Early Show, broadcast on May 24.