CNN: Dramatic increase in Army desertions
David Edwards and Josh Catone
Published: Sunday April 15, 2007
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Phil McDowell joined the military because of patriotism he felt after 9/11, reports CNN. He then served a year in Iraq because he thought he was fighting for a just cause.

"I did believe it was a just cause at the time," he says. "I thought that was something that, our country was under attack, and [Saddam Hussein] was facilitating these attacks, and he was a threat to us."

But in light of evidence that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction and there were no credible ties between Iraq and al Qaeda, McDowell changed his mind and became "disillusioned," reports CNN.

McDowell finished his tour and tried to leave the military, but was "stunned to learn the rules had changed and he was being called for another tour."

So, McDowell fled to Canada, part of a growing group of US army deserters.

The following video is from CNN's wire service.