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Cheney's blood clot improving, check-up shows
Michael Roston
Published: Tuesday April 24, 2007
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After a visit to the hospital for a check, which CNN noted was not an emergency, the office of Vice President Dick Cheney said that a blood clot in the Vice President's leg was improving.

"The ultrasound was reassuring and showed that the clot is gradually resolving," AP quoted the Vice President's spokesperson Megan McGinn as saying. "His blood thinning medication was found to be in the desired range. The vice president's doctors advised him to continue the current course of treatment."

The Vice President has returned to the White House and his normal schedule, AP added.

Earlier reports had been conflicting, with some indicating the Vice President would be heading to the hospital, and others indicating he was already there and had perhaps been rushed to George Washington University Medical Center.

CNN later reported that Cheney had a check up with his doctor, and the visit was not an emergency.