City to steal pigeon eggs to avoid 'mess' at RNC convention
Published: Friday April 6, 2007
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St. Paul has a pigeon problem.

According to the Associated Press, the "smelly mess is gaining urgency" -- so much so that the city is planning to steal pigeon eggs to avoid an ugly display at the Republican National Convention next year.

The story ran last night -- not April Fool's Day.

"Sticky foam, hawk balloons and nets haven't gotten rid of the birds," wrote AP, "so officials have a new plan: stealing pigeon eggs."

"We'll build them little condos," Bill Stephenson, the city's animal control supervisor, told the wire service. We'll keep taking the eggs, and they won't have little ones. ... Slowly they'll die off."

"City officials also considered feeding contraceptives to the pigeons but rejected that idea on fears of also inadvertently sterilizing eagles or hawks," AP said.