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Constituent firemen come to aid of 'barfing' congresswoman
Published: Monday March 19, 2007
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A Democratic congresswoman had to be rescued by her own constituents, a Capitol Hill newspaper reports.

"Usually, constituent service involves a lawmaker helping a resident of his or her district," Emily Heil writes for Roll Call's Heard on the Hill column. "But the tables were turned for Rep. Nancy Boyda (D-Kan.) last week, when some visiting constituents came to her vomitorious rescue."

Heil reports that "[a] group of firemen from Lawrence, Kan., had dropped by to talk about their legislative priorities, a Boyda spokeswoman says, when the Congresswoman began to feel ill. Two of the firemen with EMT training helped her to a couch and stood ready to give her medical attention."

"The lawmaker, in what is sure to be one of her most embarrassing on-the-job moments, then puked into a trash can while the firefighters and an aide looked on," Heil writes.

Excerpts from column:


After consulting with Capitol Hill physicians, Boyda went to the emergency room of The George Washington University Hospital, where she was diagnosed with gallstones. The Congresswoman was back at work the next day, but her spokeswoman says she will require routine surgery to treat the gallstones.

HOH bets Boyda was glad the constituents who witnessed her getting sick were EMTs (who surely have seen far grosser displays) not prim-and-proper DAR ladies. Ew.