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Cops jail Perino's husband for leashless dog walk
Michael Roston
Published: Friday May 4, 2007
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White House Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino's husband was arrested last month for failing to pay a ticket he received for walking his dog without a leash, according to a report in today's Washington Examiner.

"Back in November, Perino’s husband, British businessman Peter McMahon, was walking their dog Henry — leashless — in Lincoln Park just east of the Capitol," report Jeff Dufour and Patrick Gavin in their daily "Yeas and Nays" column.

Subsequently, he was issued a $25 ticket and fine, after which he reportedly told the US Park Police officer who wrote the ticket to "go chase down some squirrels."

Perino's husband, who runs a medical marketing business, failed to pay the fine within 15 days, although some sources say he tried. A warrant was subsequently issued for his arrest, which he discovered upon returning from overseas business in April.

The actual arrest did not occur until several weeks ago.

"On April 12, off McMahon went to the Park Police headquarters to pay the fine in person, when he was thrown in jail for the whole day," Dufour and Gavin concluded.

The columnists offered no further details on the circumstances of McMahon's release, and whether he would face any additional fines.

McMahon and Perino's dog Henry has been the subject of news in the past. A Rocky Mountain News profile of the White House Press Secretary noted her interesting training of the canine.

"[Living in England with McMahon] she spent time training their short-haired Vizsla, named Henry," wrote Chris Barge in March, shortly before McMahon's arrest. "Now, when she says, 'Tell us what you really think about John Kerry,' Henry fetches a flip-flop....Asked if 'anybody thinks that Bill Clinton should be in jail,' Henry barks."

The full Examiner column can be accessed at this link.