Couric: Plame 'really mad about what happened to her'
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Friday October 19, 2007
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Former CIA agent Valerie Plame, whose identity was leaked by the White House in 2003 after her husband, Ambassor Joseph Wilson, debunked administration claims that Iraq had attempted to purchase uranium from the African nation of Niger, has her first-ever interview upcoming on this Sunday's 60 Minutes.

Katie Couric spoke about the interview with CBS's Harry Smith, calling Plame "very charming, incredibly intelligent and eloquent -- and really mad about what happened to her." Couric said Plame told her she never expected Wilson's op-ed could result in her cover being blown, because only a tiny handful of people knew about her real work for the CIA.

When Smith asked Couric about allegations that "everybody knew" Plame was CIA -- referring to claims by figures like Neocon Clifford May and Fox News military analysts Thomas McInerney and Paul Vallery -- Couric said Plame regarded that as a deliberate smear campaign, intended to minimize her importance at the CIA.

Plame told Couric that her outing had shut down or endangered every operation she had ever worked on. She also indicated there had been negative repercussions to individuals with whom she had worked, though she was unable to be more specific.

The following video is from CBS's Early Show, broadcast on October 19, 2007.