Couric on CBS' Face the Nation: I saw what the U.S. Military wanted me to see
Published: Sunday September 2, 2007

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Today, Katie Couric reported from Iraq on her impressions of conditions, along with Gen. David Petraeus' take, of the situation on the ground in Baghdad.

According to Couric, Petraeus believes that an upward trend can be seen in President Bush's "surge," and that he will use successes in Fallujah and Ramadi as examples, despite less promising results in other parts of Baghdad and in northern Iraq, of why current US troop levels should be maintained.

Couric was given a tour of the Allawi market as a sign that things in Iraq are improving, though she concedes that her account of "normal signs of life" and lack of blood and bullets, compared to a January offensive that occurred at that location, are "what the U.S. military wants me to see."

The following video was broadcast on CBS' Face the Nation on September 2.

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