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Crazed iPhone fan spews profanity, snatches Fox reporter's microphone
David Edwards and Nick Juliano
Published: Friday June 29, 2007
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The anticipation for Apple's latest greatest gadget seems to be driving some people crazy.

Fox News correspondent Laura Ingle knew what she was getting into appearing outside an Apple store in New York Friday morning to give fans a glimpse of the hotly anticipated iPhone.

"I don't want to create a mob scene, but he's got one," Ingle said introducing Newsweek tech columnist Steven Levy. "We're going to need some security around here, probably."

The prescience of her words soon became apparent.

As Levy started to show off the iPhone, a man walked into the shot, wrestled Ingle's microphone away from her, and took off.

"Gimmie that fuckin mike," the man says, "don't fuckin' mess with me."

It's not clear why he chose the microphone over the $600 iPod/cell phone/Web browser for his attempted grab-n-dash, but in any case the would-be thief didn't get far. Fox crew members and security tackled the man before he made it more than a few feet.

Fox anchors back in the studio apologized for the profanity. Ingle looked shaken up after the incident, but she assured viewers that Fox security had taken the man away.

The following video is from Fox News Channel, broadcast on June 29.