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Daily Show: Absurdity and hypocrisy of immigration reform
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Wednesday May 23, 2007
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In this clip from The Daily Show, Jon Stewart skewers many of the absurdities presented by the new immigration bill, which he acknowledges is more difficult for Congress to come to agreement on "than just a renewal of the Puppies are Better Than Hitler Act."

The first part of the segment features protesting immigrants, outraged right-wing Senators declaiming against a loss of their sovereignty, and President Bush taking a long walk outside to deliver two sentences on how pleased he is and then turn on his heel and leave.

After Stewart explains some of the hoops the bill would set up for immigrants seeking to enter the country legally, he turns to Aasiv Mandvi for comment. The Indian-born Mandvi starts off, "It wasn't easy for our European ancestors. ... I think these new immigrants have it easy."