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Daily Show's fake newsman reports from real Iraq
David Edwards and Jason Rhyne
Published: Tuesday August 21, 2007

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Comedy Central's normally fake news show kicked off its 'live, on-site' coverage from Iraq Monday - they're really there, they swear it - with the first installment of The Daily Show in Iraq: Operation Silent Thunder.

The show's "phony news coverage has long included phony 'remotes' from war-torn Iraq, [but it] will be reporting from Iraq for real next week," the Associated Press reported.

"Tonight we'll find out the truth," said Jon Stewart, throwing the broadcast to Rob Riggle and Aasif Mandvi, the Daily Show's "Senior Baghdad Correspondents," who stood in different frames but in front of identical signs identifying the US base, Camp Anaconda.

"I'm embedded with the 101st Airborne just a few clicks south of downtown Baghdad," said Mandvi from in front of a green screen mock-up, before he was interrupted by the Iraq-based Riggle.

"Whoa. I'm actually in Iraq. This is a real flack jacket," said Riggle, who is a real-life military veteran and serves as a major in the US Marine Reserves in addition to his Daily Show reporting.

Insisting the scene behind him was real, Mandvi asked, "If you were actually in Iraq, where would you get a functioning flack jacket?"

Stewart later tells Riggle, "Rob, I believe you, you're clearly in Iraq. What do you have to report about the war?

"The war?" Riggle responded." I'm going to have to get back to you on that, Jon."

The following video is from Comedy Channel's The Daily Show, broadcast on August 20.