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Daily Show's Jason Jones on a 24-style 'mission' to Iceland
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Thursday January 24, 2008 | StumbleUpon
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This week's Daily Show featured a two-part parody of the television show 24, in which Jason Jones undertook a "mission" to "get Iceland back to the war -- and fast."

It seems that last September, Iceland withdrew its single contribution to the Coalition of the Willing -- a member of the the Icelandic Crisis Response Unit who had been working as a media representative with a NATO training unit in Baghdad -- causing the Supreme Allied Commander Europe for NATO to assert "that Iceland is an important and active NATO member and that he was disappointed."

Jones began his mission by meeting with Stefan Pallson of the Icelandic Campaign Against Militarism, who told him, "All participation in this war cannot be justified. ... I don't think we should have been in Iraq for the first place, and the vast majority of Icelanders agree with me." However, Pallson also stunned Jones with the crucial piece of information that Iceland's entire contribution had consisted of one woman, Major Herdis Sigurgrimsdottir.

"My new mission?" Jones said in a voice-over of unabashed sexism. "Get the hot chick back to the war -- and fast."

Jones began his new mission by running around downtown Reykjavik, yelling,"Do you want to go to Iraq?" at random passersby. Most of them politely said "No," but one responded, "What's your fucking problem?" -- to which Jones responded, "That sounds like a maybe."

Jones next recruited a former holder of the World's Strongest Man title, Iceland's Magnus Ver Magnusson, who told him, while pullng his car along the road, "I don't think we should be in Iraq. Iceland is a peace-loving country."

At the end of Part I, Jones finally caught a glimpse of Herdis Sigurgrimsdottir passing on the street, but she slipped away. "Looks like I needed another 24 hours," he commented.

In Part II, Jones, began by recalling his interviews with various Icelanders, such as the fisherman who told him about how they love to eat shark that has left in the ground to decompose. "What happens if the terrorists come here and take away that freedom to eat pissed-on decomposed shark?" he asked.

Failing to get Sirgurgrimdottir to speak with him, Jones instead set up a press conference, at which he appeared in a Rocky-style Uncle Sam outfit and offended the reporters by making fun of their accents and calling them "idiots."

"It looked like Iceland wasn't coming back, and my time was up," he mused sadly. "I had let my country down. ... But then I realized there was one thing I hadn't tried."

Jones finally managed to lure Sigurgrimsdottir out of her apartment by playing One World's "In Your Eyes" beneath her window. When she still refused to return to Iraq, he asked "Would you at least go out for some decomposed shark," to which she replied, "Only if it's been pissed on." He then swept her off her feet and -- with the help of Magnus -- carried her off into the sunset.

This video is from Comedy Central's A Daily Show, broadcast January 22 and 23, 2008.