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Democrats send cease and desist demand to conservative website and XM Radio over alleged Dean remarks
John Byrne
Published: Friday May 11, 2007
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The Democratic National Committee filed two cease-and-desist letters Thursday with a conservative website and XM Radio regarding comments they alleged were made by DNC Chairman Howard Dean.

As a DNC-imposed noon deadline passed today, the allegedly inflamatory comments had not been removed from the Web. A party spokeswoman, Stacie Paxton, said she was not sure what the Democrats' next step would be.

The website, citing an XM radio show, said Thursday that "Dean called Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius early, around 5 am, one morning after the tornado had destroyed the town of Greensburg, Kansas and discussed with her what to say about the tornado and how to blame the war in Iraq and the Bush administration on a slow response to the aftermath."

According to Democrats, the conversation never occurred.

By early Friday afternoon, the cease and desist letter was posted on a FreeRepublic thread that had garnered more than 250 comments disparaging the Democrats. The Quinn & Rose Show homepage also was still alleging the Dean-Sebelius conversation took place.

The letters issued by the party's lawyer, Joseph E. Sandler, were sent to James Robinson of FreeRepublic and Dara Altman, the Executive Vice President of XM Satellite Radio. An XM spokesman told RAW STORY Friday afternoon that it did not produce the Quinn & Rose Show and said XM would not be the proper company at whom to direct complaints about the show.

"The statement made by Mr. Quinn, repeated on is demonstrably, uneqivocably and absolutely false," Sandler wrote. "Governor Dean had no such conversation with Governor Sebelius, ever."

FreeRepublic also alleged that "Gov. Sebelius, called Senator Sam Brownback's office only to learn he wasn't there but then called him on his cell phone and reached him while he was in his car were she confessed to him that she had been instructed by her party leadership, (more specifically, Howard Dean) on how to politicize the tornado's destruction of Greensburg and attack the White House and the Iraq war for a seemingly slow response.

"She reassured the Senator that her allegations didn't blame him or Pat Roberts, also a Kansas Senator, for the lack of immediate response," the poster added.

Governor Sebelius issued the following statement in reply: "I am outraged that the Quinn & Rose show has aired a report suggesting that my efforts to highlight the need to replace National Guard equipment lost in Iraq are inspired by anything other than my responsibilities as commander-in-chief of the Kansas National Guard. The accusation that I received a call from anyone, encouraging me to take on this issue following the devastating tornado in Greensburg, is one-hundred-percent false -- period.

"Making up stories like this, designed to turn the tragedy at Greensburg into some kind of political circus, is a shameful affront to the citizens of Greensburg and the citizen soldiers of the National Guard," she added.