'Dog' Bounty Hunter show suspended for N-word racist rant
David Edwards
Published: Thursday November 1, 2007

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A&E has suspended filming of bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman's reality show after a tape was released of him using the N-word in a racist rant. Chapman's bigoted remarks were directed at his son's African-American girlfriend, and were first revealed at a tabloid's website.

On a tape, Chapman can be heard defending his use of the word "nigger," which he contends "doesn't [always] mean you scum nigger without a soul."

Chapman's network released the following statement: "A&E has just learned of the story released by the National Enquirer concerning Duane Dog Chapman. We take this matter very seriously. Pending an investigation, we have suspended production on the series. When the inquiry is concluded we will take appropriate action."

The following video is from MSNBC's Morning Joe and CNN's American Morning, broadcast on November 1, 2007.

RUSH TRANSCRIPT via closed-captions

ROBERTS: Duane "Dog" Chapman is apologizing after caught on tape in a racist rant. National Enquirer has two recorded phone conversations from him. In it is his son's girlfriend is the target. Take a listen.

ROBERTS: Oops. Is all you can say about that. This morning, Chapman released a statement. A&e announced it is suspending production of his show until the investigation is complete. We are joined by Roy Innis, the chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality. How were you struck when you first heard this tape?

ENNIS: Shock, of course. These things always shock you but I don't lose focus of the fact they represent a very small minority of the american people.

ROBERTS: small minority but a huge megaphone.

ENNIS: they have a megaphone. What we should be concerned about we could not extend the size of the megaphone by our reaction to it. I'm glad that he has apologized, at least partially. He still has slimed the young lady. My understanding is she is a fine young lady, contrary to what he is saying.

ROBERTS: what I found interesting is he saying we sometimes use the "n" word around here. I don't know what company he was talking about but freely bandied about. If you don't have hate in here, how does it ever come out of there?

ENNIS: that's why, although the company has suspended the show, which is a good move, he has apologized partially, that's a good move. He has to make another step, one final step, and that is to examine himself. He needs to come to core. I'll talk to him.

ROBERTS: he needs to purge himself?

ENNIS: he needs to purge himself.

ROBERTS: how do you do that) I can help him. I can help him. You confront him with his ideas, his gut ideas. In reference to racial relations.

ROBERTS: of course, we've seen this a few times in the past. First of all, it started with michael richards who played kramer on "seinfeld."

ENNIS: he plays a bounty hunter. A law that should be examined, first of all. Since he is in that role, he has, you know, he needs to be more sane in terms of race relations than he is. He is a kind of a role model.

ROBERTS: he is on the arts and entertainment network as well. It's not some sort of obscure cable channel stuck up there in the 500s.

ENNIS: i've seen very few of the episodes but those that i've seen, he attempts to be the real good -- mr. Good guy helping people out and all that. How can these two -- these two things don't mesh.

ROBERTS: let me give you more of his apology and get you to respond to it. Quote. So he says I have the utmost respect for black people, but then when we hear this phone conversation, he says we use the "n" word around here. I mean, are you suspicious that he is saying this because he got caught?

ENNIS: I think the pr man did a good rewrite job. He also slimes the young lady, right? he needs to examine his statements, examine his thought pattern and he can do that by calling me or calling some civil rights leader, some black preacher and sit down and talk about racial relations.

ROBERTS: i'm sure the next step in this story is going to be that we hear that he is reaching out, either to you or al sharpton or jesse.