Exxon Mobil profit hits new record high of $39.5 billion

Published: Thursday February 1, 2007
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ExxonMobil has reported that its 2006 profit rose to a new record of 39.5 billion dollars in a year that saw all-time highs in crude oil prices.

Broken down by hour, this figure represents a profit of $4.5 million an hour, $208 million a day, or $337,500 a minute.

The profit was up nine percent from a year earlier, when the energy company's then-record profit sparked a political row over oil industry earnings coming at the expense of consumers.

But the Texas-based firm, the world's biggest oil and gas company, said Thursday its fourth-quarter profit was down four percent from a year before at 10.2 billion dollars.

Revenues for the fourth quarter were down nine percent from a year earlier at 90 billion dollars, and for all of 2006 were up two percent to 377 billion dollars.

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