Families commemorate air accident dead at watery wreckage site

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Saturday February 3, 2007

Jakarta- Grieving families of the 102 people killed in a
commercial jetliner that crashed into the ocean on New Year's Day
commemorated their loved ones by pouring flowers onto the sea where
wreckage has been found, reports said Saturday.
Families went on board of KRI Tanjung Dalpele, an Indonesian
warship, to reach the site, according to a Jakarta-based online news
portal Detik.com. The plane lies about 2,000 meteres beneath the
Majene waters off the Indonesia's west Sulawesi province.

Tears and prayers flowed in commemoration, as family members held
photos of their missing relatives. One mother went hysterical when
she climbed the fence of the ship and tried to jump off into the
ocean, but then fell unconscious.

Adam Air Flight KI-574 was carrying 96 passengers - including
three US citizens - and a crew of six when it disappeared during a
scheduled flight from Surabaya, the capital of East Java province, to
Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi province, on January 1.

Rescue teams searched in vain for 10 days before debris began
floating ashore in South Sulawesi province. No survivors or bodies
have been found, although officials say fragments of human hair were
recovered from one of the jetliner's headrests.

A US naval oceanographic ship identified the location of the black
box along with a large debris field from the wreckage of the plane,
which disappeared off radar screens near the eastern island of
Sulawesi. The Indonesian government is currently still negotiating
with countries who have the technology to retrieve the black box.

Adam Air has agreed to pay 55,000 dollars in compensation to the
families of each passenger.

Adam Air is one of dozens of budget carriers to spring up in
Indonesia following the deregulation of the domestic aviation
industry in 1999. A series of crashes and accidents involving those
carriers has raised concerns about safety and maintenance practices.

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