Former disgraced White House correspondent Gannon now spokesman for Christian Bible group
Ron Brynaert
Published: Friday May 4, 2007
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Former White House correspondent Jeff Gannon, also know as James Dale Guckert, has a new gig these days, according to a Washington Post report. The one-time reporter for the one-time conservative news site has now become a spokesman for a Christian bible group.

"Let us pray that, on next year's National Day of Prayer, there is better attendance at the 'Bible Reading Marathon' on the West Front of the Capitol," Dana Milbank writes for the Post.

Milbanks noted that only "37 of the 600 seats were occupied, though many of those people were tourists eating lunch," and asked "Where was everybody?"

"'This isn't that kind of event,' explained Jeff Gannon, spokesman for the host, the International Bible Reading Association," Milbanks writes. "Gannon, actually a pseudonym for James Guckert, had earned fame in 2005 representing a conservative Web site at White House briefings until it was revealed that he posted nude pictures of himself on the Web to offer his services as a $200-an-hour gay escort."

Milbanks jokes, "Let us pray for the power to understand how Gannon made his way from to the International Bible Reading Association."

In addition to the escort ads, bloggers also discovered that Gannon and other former Talon News reporters were plagiarizing press releases and press reports. Shortly after Gannon left, owner Bobby Eberle shut down the Talon News agency, as well.

The International Bible Reading Association (IBRA) is a part of Christian Education, "an international organisation working to encourage regular Bible reading around the world, by publishing Bible reading schemes and notes and by funding organisations in developing countries through our International Appeal."

According to it's website, "Christian Education (CE) provides advice, resources and opportunities for teaching and learning in the school, the church and the family group, carrying forward the work of the National Christian Education Council (NCEC, formerly the National Sunday School Union) and the Christian Education Movement (CEM)."

Two years ago, RAW STORY published documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act which revealed that Gannon made more than two dozen excursions to the White House when there were no scheduled briefings (Full article at this link).

Last May, in an interview with RAW STORY's John Byrne (full article at this link), Gannon revealed that he was gay and surmised why the documents showed him checking in on numerous occasions to the White House but failing to check out.

"That's a problem with Secret Service record keeping," Gannon said when asked why Secret Service logs show fourteen days he failed to check out. He referenced an article from 2003 which revealed shoddy record-keeping by the presidential bodyguard.

"I think you're going to see that in this Abramoff thing that's coming out right now," he added. "You're probably not going to get a complete historical record."

Asked if he ever slept over at the White House, Gannon said, "Never. Absolutely never stayed overnight at the White House. Never ever."