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Fox News host who sniped at Raw Story had us as 'favorite site'
David Edwards and Josh Catone
Published: Thursday June 28, 2007
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(Update: Gibson once picked Raw as a favorite website of his)

Michael Roston's analysis yesterday of the office of the vice president (Does America need a vice president?) caught the attention of Fox News' John Gibson, host of the afternoon talk show The Big Story.

In his "My Word" segment, Gibson said that "far lefties" are contemplating "extremely radical solutions to the 'Bush problem,'" and specifically cited Roston's article.

"Today, Raw Story a leftist blog on the Internet that traffics in hating both Bush and Cheney floated the idea of abolishing the office of vice president," he said. "I realize this is a blog that not all that many people read, but this is how ideas get started on the left, and I expect we will see it pop up elsewhere soon."

Gibson said that the Roston's thesis was "even shot down by the constitutional expert he interviewed."

It should be noted, however, that Raw Story's piece was an analysis of an idea advanced by "some critics of the Bush administration" and the article described the notion as a "radical" one.

Despite Raw Story being read by "not all that many people," Gibson nevertheless thinks the idea to abolish the vice presidency will gain traction on the left as a result of the article.

Gibson calls doing away with the office of the vice president a "truly bad idea," but still thinks it will "take on real currency and [prompt] serious discussions."

Last September, Gibson had kinder things to say about RAW STORY. In a column posted at the Fox News website, he singled out the site as one of his favorites.

The following video is from Fox's The Big Story, broadcast on June 28.