Fox: Left 'has always disliked the concept of Christianity'
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Friday September 28, 2007

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Fox News is currently expressing indignation over a gay block party in San Francisco that is using a leather-bar parody of the Last Supper in its advertising.

Over the headings "War on Christians" and "Anti-Christian Crusade," Fox spoke to radio shock jock "Mancow" Muller about the ad. "What a disgrace," Mancow told Fox. "Can you imagine if, let's say, your local Baptist Church did something that parodied the gay community? It would be the end of the world."

"This is a small part of a big, huge attack by the left on Christianity, which has always disliked the concept of Christianity, " complained Fox host Andrew Napolitano. "When these things are out there, nobody complains about them except maybe on a talk show like us. Why not?"

"It's a huge cultural battle going on," explained Mancow, contrasting Mad TV, Joni Mitchell, Sinead O'Connor, and Kathy Griffin with his own refusal to make fun of any religion except Islam. "I don't make fun of religion. I don't think you go there. I don't believe the Islamofascists -- that's not a religion, that's a weird thing going on there, so that's different."

After 9/11, Mancow drew criticism for his "Burning Mosques," a parody of the Elvis Presley song "Burning Love."

The right-wing group Concerned Women for America, which is known for its anti-gay activism, has called upon California politicians to denounce the ad, but Mancow thought that was unlikely to happen. "It's a godless group there, and they hate it," he stated. "If it's not of God it's of something else. ... What is it about [Jesus's] name, 2000 years later, that drives people so crazy? Why? ... Jesus Christ. Why?"

Mancow Muller himself was the target of Concerned Women for America three years ago, when their Illinois director filed indecency complaints against him with the FCC.

The following video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast on September 26.