Fox guest 'debunks' Gore climate change claims
David Edwards and Mike Sheehan
Published: Tuesday February 13, 2007
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In the video clip below, Fox News guest Christopher Horner "debunks the myths of global warming." He says that humanity's actions have not led to climate change and that receding glaciers are a result of "global cooling."

"Climate changes, weather happens, always has, always will," is how Horner describes the overview of his new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism), in the video.

"Societies choose how to adapt," he continues. "Do they create wealth, become richer and more technologically adept to deal with something that's always there--unpredictable and severe weather--or do they what Europe used to do, and seems to be on the cusp of doing again now, which is look for witches to burn?"

In a review of Horner's book at the conservative website Human Events Online, Ben Lieberman writes, "The latest addition to the "Politically Incorrect Guide" series put out by Regnery Publishing (a HUMAN EVENTS sister company) addresses global warming, and it may be the most appropriate and timely one yet." Lieberman believes that the book "provides ample ammunition for those who wish to oppose grandiose new federal and international measures that could do considerably more harm than good."

"According to Horner, environmentalists have for decades offered up one scare after another in order to justify their big-government agenda to clamp down on economic growth and technological advance and exert more influence over people's lives," Lieberman writes. "In his view, global-warming is but the latest in this long series of politically motivated scares."

Video of the interview with Horner follows.