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Fox News airs bizarre claim that Hillary ordered hit on cats
David Edwards and Jason Rhyne
Published: Wednesday November 7, 2007
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Fox News on Wednesday aired a bizarre accusation that Sen. Hillary Clinton is connected with the murder of two cats.

Sen. Clinton's accuser is Kathleen Willey, the one-time White House aide who in 1993 claimed to have been groped by then-president Bill Clinton in the Oval Office. Willey raised the strange cat-killing allegation -- and a raft of others -- in her new book, Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

The Fox and Friends morning program detailed charges in the book that Willey's cat, Bullseye, was the victim of a targeted hit by a Clinton-hired henchman.

"A man, he was pretending to be a jogger, he came up to me and just asked did I ever find my cat?" Willey told the New York Sun, who also picked up the cat story Wednesday. "He mentioned my cat by name and [said], 'Yeah, that Bullseye was a really nice cat.'" Willey told the Sun the abducted cat was part of an intimidation plan organized by the Clintons after she was called to testify in Paula Jones' sexual harassment suit against the president.

"But it didn't stop there," said Fox News host Brian Kilmeade. "Does the name Fluffy mean anything to you? A year later she bought a cat, named it Fluffy. That cat ended up dead as well underneath the porch. She thinks somehow, and she claims somehow, the person who did this is linked back to Hillary."

Willey appears to found her accusations on the word of conservative talk show host Melanie Morgan, who says she had a conversation in which a private investigator named Jack Palladino all but admitted to being the culprit in the cat business. "The only regret that I had about the whole thing was that Hillary did not pay me in a timely fashion," the P.I. allegedly said, according to Morgan's account.

But the online newspaper WorldNetDaily, which is affiliated with the publisher of Willey's book, reported on Wednesday that Palladino denied those charges outright and is even threatening a libel lawsuit. "It's total fantasy," Palladino said."No, that's too kind; it's a lie."

The cat killings are the least of Willey's accusations against the Clintons, who she suspects -- wholly without evidence -- were involved in the murder of her husband. She also contends the couple orchestrated the attempted theft of an early manuscript of Target. The UK's Daily Mail also published a story on those claims, which the conservative website Drudge Report linked to in a banner reading "Here comes Kathleen."

At the close of their Clinton segment, Fox and Friends offered the disclaimer that the new book's publisher, World Ahead, had "from time to time bashed the Clintons." The company is also behind such titles as I've Always Been A Yankees Fan: Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words and Their Lives:The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine.

Left-leaning watchdog group Media Matters has more on Willey's suspicion that the Clintons were involved in her husband's death.

The following video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast on November 6, 2007.