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Fox host sees 'State of the Union scowl' on Senator Clinton

David Edwards and Ron Brynaert
Published: Wednesday January 24, 2007
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On Fox News Channel, John Gibson, host of The Big Story, asked a spokesman for Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) about a "State of the Union scowl" he saw on the former first lady's face during the president's address to the nation.

Gibson said to Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson, "As you well know, your candidate Senator Clinton is well aware that during the State of the Union address cameras and people are looking at people like her."

"Indeed," Wolfson replied.

Gibson then showed a graphic which sported three images of Clinton listening to the speech with the words "Hillary's State of the Union scowl" displayed on top and "What was she trying to convey?" underneath.

"And we did watch her," Gibson continued, "and she doesn't have a chance to say anything, but it did appear she was scowling."

"What was she trying to convey visually last night?" Gibson asked.

Wolfson didn't agree that his candidate was scowling.

"When I saw her she looked like she was paying attention and treating the president's remarks seriously," said Wolfson, but added that many Americans probably "don't put much faith in what the president says" these days.

On his radio show this week, Gibson took aim at another high profile Democratic presidential candidate.

"Last week, Fox News highlighted a right-wing report alleging that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) attended an Islamic 'madrassa' school as a 6-year-old child," Think Progress reports. "In a memo released today, Obama’s office specifically called out Fox News host John Gibson for discussing the story 'without any attempt to independently confirm the charges.'"

"On his radio show this week, Gibson refused to back down. He claimed the CNN reporter who debunked the false report 'probably went to the very madrassa' as Obama," Associate Editor Nico Pitney writes for Think Progress.

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