Video: Fox slams James Cameron for Jesus 'discovery'; compares it to 'The Da Vinci Code'
David Edwards and Josh Catone
Published: Monday February 26, 2007
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A storm of controversy has erupted following movie producer James Cameron's announcement that his upcoming Discovery Channel documentary "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" will present evidence that Jesus Christ was buried with his family. RAW STORY compares the coverage of Cameron's claim on both CNN and Fox News.

CNN devoted about one minute twenty seconds to the story, mostly cutting to a clip of James Cameron talking at a press conference about his decision to get involved with the documentary despite its contentious subject matter. CNN's report concluded with the TV anchor saying, "And Cameron stressed the film is not trying to undermine Christianity, but to celebrate the real life existence of Jesus and his family."

Fox News devoted a much longer segment to Cameron's announcement on today's edition of "The Live Desk with Martha MacCallum." Leading off with a statement by Catholic League President Bill Donahue, in which Donahue calls Cameron an "egomaniac" who makes "preposterous claims" that amount to a "titanic fraud," Fox then held a round table discussion in which Martha MacCallum compared the documentary to the novel/movie "The Da Vinci Code" twice.

"Let me just throw this out there for you," MacCallum continues. "If it were something that was attacking another religion, because there's this idea out there that Christianity is sort of, it's fine, you know, you can try to debunk anything out there, but if you tried to do this to the Muslim religion or perhaps the Jewish religion there would be an outcry of huge proportions."

"There would be a fatwa on Mr. Cameron by noon tomorrow," replies one panelist.

"Can you imagine if somebody said I'm going to do a documentary and I'm going to look at the Muslim religion," continues another, "and let's really see who Allah was, maybe he wasn't this deity, maybe he was just, you know, and tried to debunk the whole thing. People would be irate. Hollywood would say, you know what this is another case of pigheaded Americans who are Christian and white."

"That's exactly what this documentary is about. Increasing his religious agenda," replies another on the panel apparently referring to James Cameron. (It is interesting to note that according to in the last election cycle Cameron's only donation was the Republican Party of California. In prior elections, he has given mostly to Democrats.)

RAW STORY reported earlier today on a top Israeli archaeologist who disputed the claims put forth by James Cameron's documentary.