GM plans to produce hydrogen car by 2010

dpa German Press Agency
Published: Tuesday February 6, 2007

Palm Springs (dpa) - General Motors (GM) has announced plans for a
serial production of the hydrogen car by 2010 as part of a new
strategy by American car makers to push alternatives to conventional
At a presentation in Paul Springs, California, GM's chief engineer
on the fuel cell project, Mohsen Shabana, said hydrogen infra-
structure would not be in place by then, but technicians were working
to have car production ready by 2010.

GM's fuel cell concept vehicle, the Sequel, was meanwhile using
the third fuel cell generation by storing braking energy in a
lithium-ion battery. It is driven by an electric motor on the front
axle and two wheel-hub engines in the rear.

The Sequel now has a range of 480 kilometres compared to 100
kilometres of an earlier model, Shabana said. Acceleration from zero
to 100 km/h has been speeded up from 20 to 10 seconds and the top
speed now stands at 145 km/h compared to 100 km/h.

The Sequel is a pure research vehicle of which GM has only built
two units, according to the car maker. But in the bid to speed-up the
transition towards a hydrogen age, the company is planning to
increase the test fleet to 100 vehicles based on the Chevrolet

Ford recently unveiled a modified Ford Edge powered by a
combination of compressed hydrogen and a "plug-in" battery pack that
can be recharged with a standard home electrical cord.

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