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CBS game show: Could you win pistol duel with Cheney?
David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Published: Wednesday August 8, 2007

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The premiere episode of a new CBS game show, Power of 10, used a question about the shooting prowess of Vice President Dick Cheney as the challenge for a contestant seeking to win $100,000.

A sampling of Americans was asked, "If you and Vice President Dick Cheney were dueling with pistols at a distance of 50 feet, which of the following do you think is more likely to be the outcome -- you would successfully shoot Dick Cheney or Dick Cheney would successfully shoot you?"

"You've got to realize what's going through peoples' minds when they ask them the question in the poll," said host Drew Carey. "Do they just not like Dick Cheney? Or do they really think, 'Oh my god ... Dick Cheney probably duels all the time.'"

The contestant on the show guessed that the answer would fall within a a range of 35% to 55%. The correct answer turned out to be 43%, suggesting that a majority of Americans are still confident of their ability to outshoot the vice president.

According to Towerload, the contestant went on to win $1 million, prompting Carey to comment that the show "won't last until September" if it keeps giving money away at that rate.

The following video is from CBS's Power of 10, broadcast on August 7.