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GOP pundit equates Giuliani abortion hypocrisy to slavery
David Edwards and Mike Sheehan
Published: Friday May 11, 2007
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In the video clip below, former US Rep. J.C. Watts (R-OK), speaking on CNN's Situation Room, equates 2008 presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani's abortion hypocrisy to slavery.

Watts, an African-American, says, "I disagree with Rudy Giuliani on the life issue and I think the rationale that he gives I disagree with even more because that's the same as saying, 'Well, I'm personally opposed to slavery, but if somebody else wants to own slaves, that's fine.'"

Asked by host Wolf Blitzer to clarify "because you're going to get some criticism," Watts explains: "I think slavery was wrong, I think abortion is wrong, and to rationalize it the way I think Rudy is doing, I think that that particular rationalization ... hurts him."