Giuliani fee for speaking at tsunami charity: $100k, private jet
David Edwards and Mike Sheehan
Published: Friday February 16, 2007
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In the video below, CNN reports on Republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani's eye-opening speaking fees.

While charging speaking fees is a regular practice for expert and celebrity speakers, some are criticizing Giuliani for collecting speaking fees from charities. CNN reports on one appearance at a 2005 tsunami fundraiser for which Giuliani received $100,000, and also mentions a contract stipulation that the former New York City mayor be given the use of a "private aircraft -- must be a Gulfstream 4 or bigger."

One political analyst tells CNN, "He's a presidential candiate, everything he's done in the past is gonna come into scrutiny."

2006 Giuliani contract

"We've previously posted the tour riders of Dick Cheney and John Kerry, but those two pols look like pikers compared to the high-rolling, diva-like Rudolph Giuliani, wannabe Republican presidential candidate," notes The Smoking Gun.

The website posted a copy of a contract released by Oklahoma State University, where the former New York City mayor spoke in March of 2006, costing the school $100,000 and "an additional $47,000 in jet expenses."

"Oh, one other thing: someone needs to let the politician's agents know that their client's name is spelled 'Giuliani,' not 'Giulinni,' Smoking Gun adds.

The five-page contract can be viewed at this link.

"At least he didn't specify which M&Ms were to be removed from his dressing room," Steve Benen blogs at The Carpetbagger Report.