GodMen: A more manly form of Christianity
Mike Aivaz and Muriel Kane
Published: Thursday December 27, 2007

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Studies show that 60% of regular churchgoers are women, and one group of men believes the reason is that "Christianity is too soft."

ABC's Nightline visited a meeting at a Tennessee shopping mall of nearly 300 men who call themselves "GodMen" and say they want to "cowboy up as followers of Jesus." At the meeting, the men were encouraged to get in touch with their feelings about Internet pornography, adultery, and homosexuality.

Christian conservative standup comic Brad Kline, who co-founded the GodMen group, told ABC that Sunday church services are excessively strait-laced and disconnected from men's concerns. "We have nothing to lose," he said. "We don't have any congregation we have to answer to. We're just guys trying to be straight and being real."

Paul Coughlin, author of No More Christian Nice Guy, explained to ABC that Christianity suffers because "we only emphasize the tender stuff. We cut out the tough stuff about Jesus, and that's awfully unfortunate ... You cannot love without courage."

"Be good instead of nice but know that you're going to make enemies in the process," Coughlin told the group. "Jesus never said we couldn't have any enemies. He just said to pray for them."

Stine wants it understood that GodMen is not against women. "Women are equal partners in our marriages," he stated. "They have equal control."

Near the end of the session, Kline introduced "ex-gay" Michael Brewer, who spoke of his belief that gay sex is wrong and his struggle to learn how to be a real heterosexual Christian man. He was loudly cheered and applauded by the crowd.

"Interesting how the more muscular approach seems to have led to a kinder acceptance," was Nightline's final comment.

The following video is from ABC's Nightline, broadcast on December 26, 2007